The two regional centers has announced a quarantine in schools

Два областных центра объявили карантин в школах

Three obltsentra declared quarantine from-for flu and measles

Schools of Odessa and Lutsk closed on week quarantine because of the proliferation of influenza, SARS and measles.

In Lutsk and Odessa declared a quarantine in schools due to the high incidence of measles, influenza and SARS. On Monday, January 14, in the air of 112 Ukraine said the head of Department of education of Lutsk city Council Zinovy Leshchenko.

“There is a pattern of increasing disease, not only measles, but some places already have the flu quite a difficult shape. Has SARS. Thus, we overreacted because to be honest, there are children in schools and kindergartens are not vaccinated,” – said Leshchenko.

It is noted that measles in luck ill more than 200 students. Doctors are hoping that the quarantine will not just allow you to stop the spread of the disease, but will also give parents time to be vaccinated.

All 27 schools of Lutsk closed until January 21. According to teachers, the new semester students have to catch up with the program, so the number of lessons will increase.

Also for a week imposed a quarantine in schools of Odessa. The city authorities recommended to be vaccinated against measles and other diseases.

Kindergartens, despite the increased incidence, will work in a usual mode.

We will note, last week because of the flu quarantine in educational and medical institutions introduced in Chernigov.

We will remind, as of 10 January in Ukraine since the beginning of this epidemic season of influenza died 13 people.


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