The U.S. Congress approved the allocation of $ 350 million. for Ukraine for the needs of the security sector in 2017

Конгресс США одобрил выделение 350 млн долл. для Украины на нужды в сфере безопасности в 2017 году

The decision of the US Congress increased assistance for security Ukraine up to $ 350 million. About it reported in a press-service of Embassy of Ukraine in USA in Facebook.

“The U.S. Senate after the House of representatives overwhelmingly approved the “Budget of the United States to 2017 national defence”. The amount of funds expected to be available to provide assistance for security of Ukraine, including lethal weapons, in the next fiscal year increased to $ 350 million. USA laid out in the same document 2016 $ 300 million. USA”, – stated in the message.

As noted, the list of types of assistance extended by including the provision of funds and technical support for the development of an integrated system of monitoring of the state border of Ukraine, as well as assistance in the preparation of staff officers and military high command of the APU.

“For the purpose of entry into force of the law must be signed by the President of the United States. Grateful to the U.S. Congress for beplatno and biparting support Ukraine in fight against Russian aggression,” – said the Embassy.

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In turn, the Ambassador of Ukraine in Washington Valeriy Chaly on his page in Facebook commented on the decision of Congress: “Despite the skepticism of some Ukrainian politicians, who mostly walked around Capitol hill, there is a good result!”

Recall, the lower house of Congress approved a law allowing to grant Ukraine lethal weapons.

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