The U.S. does not exclude the possibility of a military response to a chemical attack in Syria

США не исключают возможности военного ответа на химическую атаку в Сирии

The victim of a chemical attack in the Syrian Idlib

The United States did not rule out the possibility of a military response to a chemical attack in Idlib province in Syria, which killed many civilians. this was stated by a senior administration official, reports Reuters.

The question was removed from the agenda of the military option on Syria, the official said, “No.”

The question of military planning possible military actions in Syria remains unclear.

Recall that Donald trump has criticized the Syrian government for hematic in Idlib. The US is ready to take responsibility for a strong reaction in response to the actions of Damascus. “We can not tolerate these heinous actions of the regime of Bashar al-Assad,” said trump.

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In turn, the Secretary of state Tillerson openly calls al-Assad responsible for a “horrific attack”.

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