The U.S. will continue negotiations with the Russian Federation on the Donbass − Walker

США продолжат переговоры с РФ по Донбассу − Волкер

Kurt Volker

The US special envoy stressed that Russia will have to formulate proposals, before she will agree on the specific solution in Ukraine.

The special representative of the US state Department on Ukraine Kurt Volker said in an interview to Direct that Russia is not ready to continue the implementation of the Minsk agreements and negotiations about this are continuing.

“Russia is currently not ready, as I understand it, to continue the implementation of the Minsk agreements, and therefore we have not achieved anything new. But we clarified the situation quite a detailed level. We will formulate proposals to Russia until specific decisions are on the table. If they would be willing to work for peace, we will be ready to meet them,” said Walker.

Volker: Russia is prolonging the conflict in the Donbas

Earlier, the special representative of state Department declared that on Donbass there is not a civil war, and the conflict between the two States.

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