The UK has calculated the size of damage from Brexit without a deal with the EU

Великобритания подсчитала размер ущерба от Brexit без сделки с ЕС

Velikobritanii exit from the EU without a full trade agreement will cost the Kingdom 80 billion pounds.

A British exit from the European Union without a signed agreement on further cooperation with Brussels will entail billions of dollars in losses for the British Treasury. A notification by the Minister of Finance of great Britain Philip Hammond has written to the Chairman of the parliamentary Treasury Committee, Nicky Morgan.

“The government predicts a catastrophic blow to the UK economy and living standards of our citizens in the absence of transaction Brexit, the amount of damage would amount to 80 billion pounds ($102.5 billion dollars)”, – the document says.

Vienna opposes the “hard” Brexit

Earlier it was reported that the UK will refuse payment of compensation in the EU if Brussels does not agree to the new trade agreement after Brexit.

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