The Ukrainian army is equipped with up to 85%

Украинская армия укомплектована на 85%

APU has reported equipping weapons in four years

In 2014, the level of serviceability of weapons was overstated by half, says the chief of Armaments of the armed forces.

The Ukrainian army is equipped with the basic samples of arms and military equipment by 85%. On Monday, March 11, said the chief of Arms of Armed forces of Ukraine the General-the major Nikolay Shevtsov, UNIAN reports.

While military units involved in the operation joint forces, staffed by 99%, the official said.

According to Shevtsova, to achieve a specified level for 2014-2018 carried out a large amount of work in restoring the combat capability of arms and military equipment as the expense of repair, and through the delivery of a new modernized weapons and military equipment and create a “from scratch” systems of technical support for the troops at all levels.

Shevtsov said that in 2014 since the beginning of the bringing of weapons and equipment in combat-ready condition was that the reporting indicators of the level of health, which at that time was noted at 88% of the available IWT was not confirmed and was significantly overstated. The actual level of serviceability of AME was 40-45% lower than stated. In particular, approximately 50% of the samples required additional maintenance and repairs due to physical aging, the destruction of relevant pipelines, power systems and other systems of weapons and military equipment.

At the same time, according to him, the cost center surplus property of the APU for sale, including for export, there were more than 10 thousand major items of equipment: hundreds of tanks, infantry fighting vehicles, artillery systems and air defense missile systems.

Earlier, the General staff said that this year the supply of new equipment for the army will double.


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