The Ukrainian athlete was disqualified for doping for 2 years

Украинскую легкоатлетку дисквалифицировали за допинг на 2 года

Results and prize Olga Korsun annulled from July 12, 2019.

Athletics Federation of Ukraine has dismissed Ukrainian woman Olga Korsun from competition for 2 years, the newspaper reports the Express.

In the body athletes have discovered traces of diuretics, as reported by the international Federation.

The Secretary-General of the athletics Federation of Ukraine Michael Medved explained that discovered the drugs help to drop the weight and stimulate the muscles.

“If she found anabolic drugs then it would be the decision to dismiss for 4 years.

Diuretics are not considered a serious doping. They help to round up the weight to stimulate muscle. Not to say that they give a big advantage over the opponent, but the athlete is in better conditions,” said the former senior coach of the national team of Ukraine on track and field athletics Anatoly Golubtsov.

It is also reported that the disqualification of Korsun launched on 12 June 2019 and will end on July 11, 2021. All results and prizes obtained by the athlete after July 12, this year, will be forfeited.

Recall that Korsun is a champion in Naples in the triple jump.

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