The Ukrainian club has terminated the contract with the player, to go on vacation to Russia

Украинский клуб расторг контракт с игроком, съездившим в отпуск в Россию

Igor Sikorsky had violated a club rule.

Ukrainian First League club Agribusiness has stopped cooperation with a forward by Igor Sikorsky due to the trip of the player to Russia, which is confirmed by his photo in Instagram.

“Sorry, but today’s football is politics. When the war in Ukraine and bring the seriously wounded from the front and killed almost daily in different parts of Ukraine Heroes are buried, the Ukrainian football community can not stand by like it’s none of her business”, — says the statement of the club.

Украинский клуб расторг контракт с игроком, съездившим в отпуск в Россию

“Above the player demonstrative trip to Russia discredited his club, which supports the Ukrainian army, helps soldiers on the front line; in which every player has the opportunity to do their favorite thing, thanks to the defenders of Ukraine, keep Ukraine peaceful life.

While he is in the outfit of our team had a rest in the country-occupier, only one day with advanced transported nine severely wounded soldiers and killed two others. FC Agribusiness finds it unacceptable that this player was a player of our club.

Football club Agribusiness unilaterally breaks the contract with Igor Sikorsky in connection with a violation of paragraph 3.1.7 in section 3:

“3. The rights and obligations of the parties: 3.1.7. … fully contribute to the preservation and enhancement of the prestige of the Club and the team to avoid actions that are detrimental to their reputation”

Sikorsky conducted the first season on the team. In 19 matches of the First League scored 8 times.

Earlier it was reported that a glamorous vacation Sancho has been criticized in Germany.

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