The Ukrainian foreign Ministry voiced the position of Venezuela

В МИД Украины озвучили позицию по Венесуэле

The Ministry of foreign Affairs of Ukraine urges to avoid the solution of the situation in Venezuela by force

Kiev calls for a Venezuela democratic elections and to avoid the use of force.

Calls on Ukraine to prevent resolution of the political crisis in Venezuela by force to hold democratic elections. On Monday, February 4, reported the press Secretary of the foreign Ministry of Ukraine Ekaterina Zelenko, writes UNIAN.

“Ukraine recognizes Juan, Guido the head of a unified, democratically elected authorities of Venezuela – National Assembly and leader of the democratic opposition. Therefore, from him and other leaders of the political forces of Venezuela depends on the return to democratic governance in the country, in particular by reaching agreement on the holding of democratic and certified by international observers of the elections,” said Zelenko.

“Ukraine urged to do everything possible to prevent a force resolution of the political crisis and, as a consequence, counteract the economic disaster that is already leading to humanitarian suffering of the Venezuelan people,” said the spokesman.

As reported today, Juan, Guido interim President of Venezuela recognized Spain, France, Portugal, Sweden, UK, Austria, Netherlands, Germany, Latvia, Lithuania, Finland and Denmark.


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