The Ukrainian frontier guards in days detained illegal immigrants from eight countries

Украинские пограничники за сутки задержали нелегалов из восьми стран

Some illegal immigrants detained near the border

Most of the detainees worked at one of the markets of Odessa. All offenders forcibly expelled to their countries of origin.

Over the past day on the outskirts of the state border, at the Lviv airport in Odessa detained 15 illegal immigrants, and likely one of the coordinator of transportation. It is reported by the state border service on Tuesday, November 6.

So, in Transcarpathia military personnel of the Department of Business detained two citizens of Bangladesh and their carrier that the car was trying to get to the border with Romania.

And in Lviv oblast, the border guard Department Rawa-got the Moroccan at the time of his attempts to illegally cross the state border of Ukraine. Therefore, the alien admitted that he intended outside the checkpoint to get into the EU.

Another foreigner was detained in the design of arriving passengers from Istanbul to Lviv airport. A citizen of Namibia, going to get to Ukraine on a false residence permit.

In addition, 11 illegal immigrants from China, Uzbekistan, Vietnam, Senegal and Afghanistan exposed an interagency group composed of the employees of the state border service, security service, Migration service and national police in one of the markets of Odessa.

All offenders forcibly expelled to their countries of origin.

Earlier in Transcarpathia detained two illegal immigrants from Russia. The men explained that he tried to illegally get into the European Union for improving living conditions.

Also, the border guards detained the American on the bike. The man went to Russia to see his beloved. He was unable to obtain a Russian visa.

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