The Ukrainian gas supply to the Crimea – media

Украинский газ поставляют в Крым - СМИ

Excess gas from Genichesk, Kherson region go to the Small field in the Crimea, and sometimes is transmitted in the opposite direction.

Ukrainian gas supplied to Crimea since its annexation and until recently, writes ekonomichna Pravda citing a source in Simferopol company chernomornaftogaz.

This month in Crimea declared the beginning of deliveries of gas in Genichesk of Kherson region. Kiev denies this, and the head of Henichesk district administration even recorded a video address to Putin, which asked him “what is he Smoking”. However, in January of this year in Genichesk said that receive gas from the Crimea.

According to the publication, the gas, which is extracted in the field Shooting in the Kherson region, supplied by pipeline to the field Dzhankoy in the Crimea.

As you know, the field provides several Small settlements in Ukraine, is the biggest Genichesk. The surplus that remains after satisfaction of these items and ships in the Crimea, in Glebovsky underground storage.

Occasionally the gas rises from Glebovka and is transmitted in the opposite direction – on the Arabatsky arrow. These supplies are rarely only in the peak (winter) period, demand for gas in Genichesk.

Supplier of gas from the Ukrainian side in Crimea is Chao Formation, which is controlled by the former people’s Deputy Oleksandr Onishchenko.

Supplier from the Crimean Chernomorneftegaz that is controlled by Russia.

As you know, in August 2014, the Verkhovna Rada has created in Crimea free economic zone, effectively blocking a freight service between the mainland and occupied by the authority.