The Ukrainian soldiers promised to provide housing from 1 November

Украинских солдат обещают обеспечить жильем с 1 ноября

Soldiers will provide apartments in a modern residence

From 1 November the President ordered to start providing the Ukrainian soldiers with hostels or the money to compensate for shelter.

President Petro Poroshenko instructed from November 1 start to provide soldiers the hostels or the money to compensate for shelter. He stated this during his working trip to the international center of peacekeeping and security in Lviv region on Tuesday, 16 October, reports

“(Instructed – ed.) to understand and not later than November 1 to ensure comfortable halls of residence, because the barracks I do not dare to call it that now been put into operation, or giving money-payment of rent… And generally to reform the system of housing provision for servicemen to ensure that they were protected,” – said the head of state.

The President also recalled the intention to increase the money supply Ukrainian soldiers next year.

“This Commission from 37% to raise cash collateral. And if a soldier will receive not less than 10 thousand UAH, and at the front in the first line not less than 21 ths – I think this is the level that accurately says what the priorities of the state”, – said Poroshenko.



Besides, he instructed the Cabinet of Ministers to foresee in the state budget for the year 2019, the money for the military, whose pension is below the subsistence level.

“I firmly believe that we need to give appropriate instructions for the government when preparing the budget, to those who receive pensions less than the subsistence minimum, compensated from the budget to ensure that they had the opportunity to provide their normal life,” he said.

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