The Ukrainians have ruined a quarter of a million votes – CEC

Украинцы испортили четверть миллиона бюллетеней - ЦИК

The actions of some constituents, including politicians, during a day of voting March 31, – violation of voting secrecy.

According to the results of voting day, March 31 nearly a quarter of a million ballots were declared invalid because conscious of their damage, said the head of the Central election Commission Tatyana Slipachuk.

According to her, the reason for this, and sometimes illegal actions of citizens: “the Ballots are deliberately spoiled”.

“But it is not a manifestation of the position. It is, in fact, offended a large number of people: employees of the polygraph combine Ukraina, which worked even at night, in time to print and pack, the people who transported the ballots, in the end, members of election commissions, that the ballots received, issued, and then believed. These are our fellow citizens, acquaintances, relatives and friends. Let me remind you also that the printing of ballots occurred at the expense of the State budget, and this is also our money,” she wrote.

Slipachuk also reminded that the Law On presidential elections of Ukraine it is established that photographing, video recording in any way of the will of voters in the booth for secret voting, as well as demonstration by the voter of the voting results in the polling station is prohibited.

Therefore, the actions of some voters, including politicians, during election day on 31 March, when the network published photos of ballots with their choice or publicly demonstrated the ballots in the week – violation of voting secrecy.

“Voting or not voting for a particular candidate whose name is on the ballot is a personal decision. If you still come to the area, then don’t break the law, but deliberately make your choice” – summed up the head of the CEC.

Earlier, the CEC said the Ukrainians spoiling the ballots.

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