The Ukrainians were better attitude to Russia – poll

Украинцы стали лучше относиться к России – опрос

The attitude of Ukrainians to Russia over the past few months has improved.

The attitude of Ukrainians to Russia recently improved. This is evidenced by the results of the joint project of the Kiev international Institute of sociology andrussian non-governmental research organization Levada Center.

If in February 2017 positively regarded in Russia 39% of the respondents in may 2017 – is already 44%.

At the same time, if in January a positive attitude towards Ukraine as the Russians were 34% in may and 26%.

Compared to February this year, the number of negative-minded Ukrainians in Russia decreased in February, they were 46% in may to 37%. In Russia this number has increased from 54% in January to 59% in may.

Украинцы стали лучше относиться к России – опрос

The dynamics of the positive attitude of Ukrainians to Russia and of Russians to Ukraine

In Ukraine also decreased the number of applicants closed borders between the two countries from 47% in February to 43% in may. And in Russia, on the contrary, the number of such citizens has increased from 33% in January to 35% in may.

A record number of Russians consider Ukraine enemy

Earlier it was reported that one third of the inhabitants of the East and South of Ukraine blame for the conflict in the Donbas for Russia (33%) and Ukrainian government (33%).