The UN has said about the threat of a chemical disaster in the Donbas

В ООН заявили об угрозе химической катастрофы на Донбассе

In the East of Ukraine there is a risk of chemical spill, with disastrous consequences for the health of the local population and the environment. This was stated by the UN special Rapporteur on the human rights of Basket Cunjak, reports “UN news Center”.

According to him, the threat of a chemical disaster is looming over the Donbas because of continued fighting. “Donbas is a large chemical and industrial plants. Armed clashes occur in cities, in close proximity to these industrial enterprises, which generates the appropriate threat,” he said.

Tunjuk reminded that February 24 was fired at a building, which contained seven tons of chlorine. “Fortunately, the gas containers are not affected, but in the case of damage only one of them could have been killed all who were within a radius of 200 m And if the damage was more, it would have during the day to evacuate everyone living at a distance of 7.4 km,” he said.

The UN expert urged parties to the conflict to take into account the civilian nature of objects of infrastructure and water supply systems, and also noted that adjacent to this infrastructure must be “demilitarized”.

Tunjuk recommended workers of water services, including in areas outside government control, the right equipment and equipment in case of damage to the stocks of chlorine. “Then these professionals will be able not only to survive but to take action to rescue local residents”, – he explained.

As noted, the UN Office for the coordination of humanitarian Affairs has warned about the possibility of chemical contamination in the East of Ukraine.

As reported, on 24 February in the shelling of Donetsk filtering station were damaged, the building of a warehouse of chlorine and broken chloroplast. Information about the evacuation were reported. The supply of water to the population was carried out hourly from the stock tanks.

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