The UN has seen in Ukraine “atmosphere of intimidation”

В ООН увидели в Украине "атмосферу запугивания"

The UN noted the deteriorating human rights before elections

The UN has published a report on situation in the civil space with fundamental freedoms on the eve of elections in Ukraine.

Attacks on civil society in Ukraine “has created an atmosphere of intimidation.” It is stated in the report of the office of the UN high Commissioner for human rights, reports DW.

Report on the situation in the civil space, basic freedoms ahead of the presidential and parliamentary elections in Ukraine.

It is noted that the study, conducted from the beginning of 2018 to February 15, 2019, 164 documented violations in government-controlled areas. In particular, representatives of OHCHR recorded a tendency to increase the number of attacks and threats directed at representatives of civil society. Among them – the murder of Catherine Gandzyuk, attacks on journalists and lawyers NewsOne journalist Vasily Myravitski.

“These attacks have created an atmosphere of intimidation that affects the ability and willingness of people to openly discuss the questions of public interest, primarily to Express their disagreement with policy or concerns about the policy,” the report notes.

Also documented at least 34 violations, which are directly related to far-right groups. “Most of these attacks are not investigated, moreover, often the law enforcement officers themselves have resorted to harassment, as, for example, in the case of access to personal data of journalist Kristina Berdinskikh and Natalie sedletska”, – quotes the edition of the UN report.

In addition, according to OHCHR, the process of obtaining autocephaly of the UOC has increased the tensions between the religious communities. The report describes ten cases of threats and intimidation of priests – mostly of the UOC of the Moscow Patriarchate. When this source of pressure on religious leaders termed as a far-right group and SBU.

At the same time in another report, also published by the OHCHR, noted that the responsibility for the majority of cases of human rights violations for the last three months lies with the leadership beyond the control of the Donbas and the so-called Crimean authorities. Despite limited access to ORDA and the inability to work in the Crimea, the Monitoring mission for human rights has recorded in these areas 189 violations in November-February.

We will note, according to the ranking, Ukraine has risen to catier position in the ranking of the rule of law 2019 and occupies the 77th place among 126 countries.


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