The UN predicts a population decline of Ukraine

В ООН прогнозируют сокращение населения Украины

The population of Ukraine is rapidly falling

By 2050, according to UN forecasts, the population of Ukraine will be much less, but a significant portion of those who remain, will move from villages to cities.

Over the next decades, the population of Ukraine will decrease rapidly and by 2050 will be just over 36 million people. To such conclusion experts of the Department of economic and social Affairs of the UN, the forecast published on the website of the world organization.

The report also States that up to 2050 will increase the number of Ukrainians living in the cities.

According to the UN, by 2050 28.5 million of Ukrainians will live in cities, which accounts for around 78% of the total population. Now the number of urban population is 69%. Thus in 2050, Ukraine will have only 3 cities.

It is noted that in the year 2020, according to experts, Ukraine will live 43 million 579 thousand people, and by 2050 that number will shrink to 36 million 416 thousand people.

If the forecast comes true, in 2050 the population of Ukraine will be the smallest since 1950. Then it was 37.3 million. Most people were registered in Ukraine in 1990 to 51.5 million people. Thereafter, the numbers steadily decreased. According to the UN, in 2015 Ukraine’s population stood at 44 million 658 thousand.

As reported, in January-February this year, the number of Ukrainians decreased by 40.1 thousand persons.

Recall, according to Gosstata, on 1 November, the population of Ukraine was 42 418 200 people.

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