The UN Secretary General has promised humanitarian aid to Ukraine

Генсек ООН пообещал гуманитарную помощь Украине

António Guterres expressed his deep respect to Ukrainians.

The UN will continue humanitarian aid to Ukraine and is ready to help the country in carrying out reforms. This was stated by UN Secretary-General, antónio Guterres, at the talks in Kiev with Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

“You can count on our support for humanitarian programmes, to make life easier for internally displaced persons – you mentioned the 1.7 million immigrants – as well as those who live near the line of contact and the zone where fighting is going on, as well as the full support of the government in holding reforms,” said Guterres.

According to him, the fighting in Ukraine still ongoing, and the UN is calling for their termination under the recent agreements.

He also noted that closely followed a conference on reforms in Ukraine, which was held on Thursday in London, and expresses the readiness of the UN to continue its assistance to Ukraine to implement the ambitious reform program in the state.

Antonio Guterres also said that his native country – Portugal – has deep ties with the Ukrainian people. In this regard, the UN Secretary-General expressed deep respect to Ukrainians and solidarity with them in times of great trials.

As reported Корреспондент.netearlier Vladimir Groisman has accused Russia of humanitarian problems in Ukraine. According to him, Russia went to war against the democratic world.

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