The UN will send a mission to space

ООН отправит свою миссию в космос

The UN plans in 2021 to send a mission into space

UN staff will travel on Board the space Shuttle Dream Chaser in 2021.

The UN intends to send a space mission in 2021, it said in a statement.

“The UN mission will go into space in 2021. Now the UN is negotiating with the Sierra Nevada company (SNC) regarding the first ever joint mission,” the report says.

It is planned that UN staff will go into space aboard the Shuttle Dream Chaser.

It is also noted that the Vice-President of SNC mark Sirangelo spoke about the cooperation of the UN and his company.

We will remind, last year the UN adopted a resolution on the prevention of placement of weapons in outer space.

And recently, NASA launched a weather satellite of a new generation.