The United States can use its strategic petroleum reserve media

США могут использовать свой стратегический нефтяной резерв – СМИ

United States are exploring the possibility of engaging its strategic petroleum reserve

This step in the United States will go in the case that the expected increase in supplies of raw materials will not lead to a significant reduction in oil prices.

The U.S. is considering the possibility of using its strategic petroleum reserve if the expected increase in oil production in the world will not lead to a noticeable decline in prices on black gold. This was announced on Friday, July 13, the newspaper the Wall Street Journal.

The White house continues to encourage exporters to increase the volume of the produced oil, and at the same time studying whether to start to supply oil from strategic stockpiles.

The possibility of involvement of the oil reserves and also considering the number of Western allies of Washington, otmechaetsya.

We will remind, the US President Donald trump has repeatedly called on OPEC to increase oil production to lower prices.

In late June, OPEC members agree to increase oil supplies to the market.

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