The United States carried out cyber attacks against the servers of North Korea

США проводят кибератаки против серверов Северной Кореи

Washington in the last three years conducting a series of cyber attacks on the servers of North Korea to destabilize the missile program of North Korea, writes The New York Times.

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It is noted that ex-US President Barack Obama during his presidency instructed to create a special program for cyber attacks against Pyongyang to disrupt the test launches of ballistic missiles carried out by the state. As a result of this policy of Washington number of failed missile launches North Korea has increased significantly: rockets began to explode, veer off course and fall into the sea.

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The newspaper notes that the latest successful missile launches Pyongyang demonstrate the efficacy of exposure with the American intelligence services.

Napominm, earlier it was reported that in an internal report of the White house strategy regarding the DPRK refers to the possibility of use of military force or regime change to eliminate the threat of a nuclear strike

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