The United States has increased to 25% duty on goods from China

США увеличили до 25% пошлины на товары из Китая

The Ministry of Commerce of China “deeply regrets” the decision of the United States and promised to take a series of countermeasures.

The decision of the US authorities about the raising of fees from 10% to 25% on some goods from China to $200 billion came into force. This was reported by Reuters on Friday, may 10.

U.S. customs and border protection applies the new duties on goods originating in China, from 00:01 am Eastern time, USA on Friday (from 7:01 in Kyiv – ed.).

It is noted that on the eve of Vice-Premier of the state Council of China Liu he, U.S. trade representative Robert Lighthizer and Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin held a 90-minute conversation and planned to resume talks today.

In turn, China’s Ministry of Commerce said it “deeply regrets” the decision of the United States. It is noted that Beijing will take a series of necessary countermeasures, did not elaborate on what exactly it is.

Also, the Ministry stressed that the negotiations are continuing, and it “hopes that the United States can meet China, to work together and to resolve the issue through cooperation and consultation”.

On the eve of the US President Donald trump said that China ripped you off on trade negotiations. According to him, if agreement eventually is reached, Beijing will face stiff tariffs.

The reason for the sharp statements trump was the fact that the latest round of talks between Washington and Beijing was very bad.

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