The United States plans to abandon the ISS – the Verge

Америка планирует отказаться от МКС - Verge

America refuses ISS

Space station pulls the budget, which the US plans to spend on lunar program, deep space exploration and the American Astronautical as a whole.

The US can stop funding the International space station by 2025. On Jan 24 writes the Verge with reference to the project of the American budget.

In Congress believe NASA should focus on investing in the development of super-heavy cargo rocket and the development of spacecraft for exploration of deep space.

American authorities believe that with the resumption of the lunar program, the ISS would be too burdensome for the budget of the United States and hinders the development of American Astronautics.

Although the draft amendments to the appropriations for the U.S. space program are still to be discussed, however, according to the portal, the position to reduce the financing of the station after 2025 should not meet opposition in Congress.

NASA at the request of the Verge to comment on the fate of the ISS after 2025 is not answered.

Recall that the previous administration of us President Barack Obama extended the stay of the US on the ISS until 2024.

Possible further rejection station means that the American astronauts would not be able to work in space as long as their programs won’t launch the private space company that works with NASA.

The space Agency is working with Boeing and SpaceX on manned space missions, but neither one nor the other the company is not yet ready to send people into space.

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