The United States urged the UN to adopt a resolution on Ukraine

США призвали ООН принять резолюцию по Украине

US Ambassador to the UN asks to take “high resolution”.

The UN, US permanent representative Nikki Haley called on the UN Council on human rights to improve the efficiency of its work and to adopt a strong resolution on the situation in Ukraine. About that Haley said Tuesday, during a meeting of the Council in Geneva, reports UKRINFORM.

“This session of the Council it is essential to make powerful, to the extent possible, decisions about the critical situation in the sphere of human rights in Syria, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Eritrea, Belarus and Ukraine, as well as to prevent further violations and abuses of human rights in these countries”, – said the representative of the United States.

Haley also noted that respect for human rights is a very important area of UN activity that should be addressed not just one specific organ, but also others, including the security Council.

Earlier, Poland on the UN security Council said that among the priorities of Ukraine.

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