The Universe found the coldest place media

Во Вселенной найдено самое холодное место - СМИ

The Boomerang nebula, called the coldest place in the Universe

They recognized the boomerang nebula where the temperature is minus 272 degrees Celsius.

The researchers found the coldest place in the Universe, which recognized the protoplanetary nebula, the boomerang. The authors were experts from the jet propulsion Laboratory (USA), Technical University of Chalmers (Sweden), as well as the ALMA Observatory (Atacama Large Millimeter Array, Chile), the

It is reported that the nebula is located at a distance of 5 thousand light-years from Earth in the constellation Centaurus. The temperature in the nebula reaches minus 272 degrees Celsius.

According to scientists, the nebula formed by a dying giant, which continues to leave the matter. According to experts, once its size exceeded the sun four times.

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