The UOC-MP is not the owner of the Kiev-Pechersk Lavra – the Ministry of culture

УПЦ МП не является собственником Киево-Печерской лавры - Минкульт

Kiev-Pechersk Lavra is government-owned

Both Ukrainian Lavra are leased from the Moscow Patriarchate. The Cabinet has the right to renegotiate the contract.

The Kiev Pechersk Lavra and the Pochayiv Lavra are state property and property of religious organizations are not transmitted. Now they are 50 years leased of the UOC-MP. This was stated by the Director of the Department for religions and nationalities of Ministry of culture Andriy yurash in an interview with the Commander in chief.

He stressed that both laurels are objects of national importance.

“Lavra to state ownership,” said yurash. On the question of whether to break the lease in court if it is proved that Pochayiv Lavra was handed over in rent the Moscow Patriarchate with violations of the law, he noted that there is no basis for the court

“The state granted the lease and the prerogatives of the state authorities decide her fate. That is, if it is clear that during the transfer of the monastery in the lease there was a violation, it may be grounds for renegotiation of the contract. This issue is in the competence of the Cabinet of Ministers”, – said the Director of the Department.

Yurash also commented on the changing religious affiliation of the other temples. According to him, since the beginning of 2014 in the Kyiv Patriarchate moved or are in transition nearly 120 communities of the UOC-MP.

In the Moscow Patriarchate, as the official said, such transitions are communities considered “seize the churches” not corresponding to reality and laws.

According to him, from a legal point of view, the position of the UOC-MP seems absurd: it is a priori not want to recognise the right of communities to decide their own destiny.

“They (the Moscow Patriarchate – ed.) community – a kind of a structural unit which for life, the second coming must be in the fief of MP. Our law allows a believer to freely change their religious jurisdiction. And nobody can interfere. And that community owns all property and has the full right of the property to dispose of – it can be a Church, priest’s house, cars and so forth,” – said the official.

We will remind, in the Carpathian region at the end of September, there was a violent conflict around the temple.

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