The US called the conditions for the return of the money Lazarenko

США назвали условия по возвращению денег Лазаренко

Millions of ex-Prime Minister will give under control and to check their consumption.

The Prosecutor’s office said the terms of returning money to the US from the accounts of former Prime Minister Pavlo Lazarenko.

“It’s not just the money listed in the budget of Ukraine. There will be a certain way due to those conditions and objectives for which the money will be spent”, – said Deputy Prosecutor General Evgeny ENIN in an interview with UNN.

Funds can be directed to the fight against poverty, medical reform and fighting corruption.

ENIN noted that the process of transfer of funds may take some time, as they are placed on accounts in five different jurisdictions.

“In some jurisdictions we can talk about almost automatic recognition of the decisions of the American court, in some jurisdictions we have to hold bilateral or trilateral talks involving the United States government. And then we’ll see what will move the refund process,” said ENIN.

Lazarenko was Prime Minister of Ukraine in 1996-1997. After a conflict with President Leonid Kuchma and with the beginning of the criminal prosecution said the departure of the opposition and soon fled abroad.

In 1999, he was detained in the U.S. while attempting to cross the border with false Panamanian passport. Lazarenko was accused of laundering money obtained by illegal means. In 2006, an American court sentenced him to nine years in prison and a $10 million fine. Six years later, Lazarenko was released.

Earlier, in the budget of Antigua and Barbuda was confiscated 66,7 million dollars frozen on accounts of Lazarenko in the country.

The Bank of Lithuania has found $30 million Lazarenko media