The US has filed a lawsuit against Amazon

США подали в суд на Amazon

Amazon Echo allows you to communicate with the virtual assistant Alexa

Lawsuit filed over refusal to issue entry smart dynamics

The Prosecutor’s office of the U.S. state of Arkansas appealed to the court demanding that Amazon provide the data “smart dynamics” Amazon Echo for the investigation of the murder. Investigators believe that the device could record the conversations related to the murder of Victor Collins in Bentonville 22 November 2015.

Police found Collins ‘ body in a hot tub at his friend’s house with James Bates. Bates was charged with murder. Amazon has considered the requirements of the police are unnecessary.

A spokesman for the company said that Amazon will not publish their customer’s information without binding legal requirements.

Amazon Echo is a speaker with built-in microphone. The device responds to human speech, which records and sends to the cloud.

Using this device with a person interacts with a virtual assistant, Alexa. The device begins recording when the user says the name of the electronic assistant. The device can respond to the user, generate task lists, and play music and audio books.

США подали в суд на Amazon

Amazon does not want to give police access to records Echo

In August, the judge issued a warrant for obtaining all records from the device. However, the investigation received only information about the account.

We will remind, the founder of Amazon Jeff Bezos earned $6 billion in four hours.

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