The US has spent on the Ukrainian army of $600 million

США потратили на армию Украины $600 млн

The defense Ministry said, where did U.S. military aid

The aid on this amount the Ukrainian military has been for three years.

Since the beginning of 2014 the US spent on training the Armed forces of Ukraine more than $ 600 million, according to ukraisnkoe Ministry of defense on the Governmental portal.

We are talking about a transfer to the Ukrainian party logistical support and money, otmice office.

“Prepared by the seven battalions of the Ukrainian military, currently training another battalion. In General, International centre for peacekeeping and security in 2015 were trained by American specialists nearly four thousand members of the Armed forces of Ukraine and 104 of the instructor”, – stated in the message.

In particular, the funds spent on the development of a professional NCO corps, the system of logistics, medical support, and the prospects of the activities of the multinational joint coordinating Committee on military cooperation and defense reform.

Earlier it was reported that the US spent about 3.4 billion dollars for the defense of its allies in Central and Northern Europe from the Russian provocations.

On the eve of the special representative of the US state Department for the Affairs Kurt Volker said that in Ukraine Russian tanks more than the whole of Western Europe. He noted that the trump system is considered the possibility of arms supplies Ukraine.