The US intends to quickly start development of the moon

США намерены быстро начать освоение Луны

The head of NASA Jim Breidenstein

NASA told about strategy of development of the satellite, which is expected to attract international and commercial partners.

The head of NASA Jim Bridenstine announced the implementation of the US strategy of lunar exploration, which involves the participation of international and commercial partners. A video of Bridenstine was posted on Thursday, February 21.

“Today we are making a big announcement about returning people to the moon,” − said the head of the space Agency.

He said that the United States focused on long-term mission.

“We’ll get to the moon in a way never done before. We fly there with our international partners, our commercial partners. And the key element we are focused on a long mission,” said Breidenstein.

According to him, the moon will build structures for the people and future of the expedition will be to develop the resources of the satellite, including for future missions to Mars.

“Friends, we start this very quickly,” − said the head of NASA.

Earlier it was reported that NASA has planned active start program of the international manned lunar station in 2019.

We will remind, in December of 2017, the President of the United States Donald trump signed a Directive, which requires NASA to begin preparations for a manned flight to the moon.

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