The US is preparing sanctions. A new threat to Nord stream

США готовят санкции. Новая угроза Северному потоку

Pipes for Nord stream-2

In the United States Congress introduced a bill on sanctions against the Russian gas pipeline to Germany. The document States that he is threatening Europe and Ukraine.

Amid harsh criticism of the American President Donald trump for meeting with Russian leader Vladimir Putin in the U.S. Congress introduced a bill to impose sanctions against Nord stream-2.

The bill is designed to enhance the energy security of the NATO countries in Europe and to avoid “political manipulation” on the part of Russia. Корреспондент.net tells details.


The bill of anti-Russian sanctions

Document on introduction of sanctions against Russian export pipelines, including Nord stream-2, was prepared and introduced in Congress Republican senators John Barrasso, Cory Gardner, as co-author.

Among the objectives of the “Law on energy cooperation with allies in Europe” is the decoupling of allies and partners of the United States from the Russian energy resources; the punishment of the government of the Russian Federation for their use as a geopolitical weapon; support allies with American supplies of energy.

The bill also directed specifically against the gas pipeline Nord stream-2, since it has a “harmful impact” on Europe’s energy security, economy of Ukraine and other Central European countries.

In the first part of the document proposes to establish a transatlantic energy strategy, the essence of which is that NATO countries should purchase energy in the United States. It is also proposed to amend the law on natural gas, allowing gas exports from the United States without a license in NATO countries.

Why trump was justified after a meeting with Putin

The second part proposed to impose sanctions against individuals or companies that invest, provide services or sell goods for construction of Russian export pipelines valued at over a million dollars in one lump sum or over five million in one year.

The bill provides for the introduction of five of restrictive measures, including freezing of all banking transactions on the territory of States (i.e. all transactions with dollars), assets in the country, the ban for American investors to invest in debt securities and shares of the offender, of personal sanctions against top managers.

Five European energy companies Shell, Engie, OMV, Wintershall and Uniper are creditors of the project. Under the threat of serious sanctions, the United States, they likely will come out of the project because they have U.S. shareholders, they do business in dollars, writes Kommersant.


Trump vs Nord stream-2

The position of the trump in relation to the Nord stream-2 was always negative. Last week at the NATO summit us President called on the Alliance “something to do” with the construction of the Russian gas pipeline.

At Breakfast with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg trump said that Germany is hostage to Russia.

“It is very sad that she is spending billions on the purchase of Russian oil and gas, while the US spends billions on it to protect it from Russia”, – said the American President.

After the NATO summit in Brussels and his meeting with German Chancellor Angela Merkel trump wrote on Twitter that billions of flows “pipe dollars” to Russia from European countries that are members of NATO, are an unacceptable fact.

“Billions of additional dollars were spent by NATO countries since my last visit at my request, but that’s not nearly enough. The United States spends a lot. Europe’s borders are BAD! Pipeline dollars, for Russia – is unacceptable!”, – wrote trump.

The American President was referring to the Russian project and potect-2, which is built in Germany to bypass Ukraine.

“What good is NATO if Germany pays Russia billions of dollars for gas and energy? Why only five of the 29 countries fulfilled their commitments? The US pay for the defense of Europe, and then lose billions on a trade. Must pay two percent of GDP right now, not by 2025,” wrote trump in another message.

But at a press conference with Putin in Helsinki, he noted that “this decision of Germany.”

Trump stressed, however, that the United States intends to advance its LNG to the European market and compete with Russian gas.


Denmark is helping Ukraine

The refusal of Denmark to grant permission to lay pipe in North potka-2 through its territorial waters is now the only obstacle to the start of construction of the pipeline.

The permission to the new pipeline passed through their waters have given Germany, Russia, Finland and Sweden.

Danish Prime Minister Lars løkke Rasmussen PROEL through Parliament a law allowing officially to veto and to ban the construction of the gas pipeline Nord stream-2 through its territorial waters.

Nord stream-2, the launch of which would deprive Ukraine a billion in profits, are also fighting the Ukrainian government.

In late may, Naftogaz of Ukraine started the procedure of recovery from Gazprom $ 2.6 billion fine, which the Ukrainian company was awarded the Stockholm arbitration court in late winter of 2018.

In this procedure, some countries had imposed interim measures for the shares of Nord Stream AG Nord Stream AG 2 – project companies of the Nord stream and Nord stream-2, respectively.

As stated by the head of Naftogaz Andrey Kobelev will use “all available legal means and instruments to enforce decisions and to receive from Gazprom the amount awarded”.

In Naftogaz also said that initiated the seizure of other assets of Gazprom, including stakes in Nord Stream AG Nord Stream AG 2.

On 18 July, Berlin hosted the first in many years, a trilateral meeting on gas transit through Ukraine. According to the results of Russia has said that it expects to increase gas supplies to Europe 10-15 percent in the next 5-10 years, and through this volume to provide transit of Russian gas through the territory of Ukraine.


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