The US state Department has not ruled out a connection between the attacks in Turkey, Switzerland, Germany and Yemen

Госдеп США не исключил связи между нападениями в Турции, Швейцарии, Германии и Йемене

the speaker of state Department of the USA John Kirby

Washington does not exclude the possibility that the extremist attacks that have occurred in the last two days in Turkey, Switzerland, Germany and Yemen, can be to some extent linked. This was stated by the TV channel CNN the head of the press service of the state Department John Kirby, reports “TASS”.

On the question of whether the U.S. these attacks are carried out independently from each other, the state Department spokesman replied: “I Guess it’s something in between”.

“It is obvious that terrorist networks are facing serious difficulties, they are under threat, particularly DAISH (the Arabic name of the terrorist group “Islamic state”) – said Kirby. They are trying to organize a high-profile attack at a small cost of resources to continue to attract people to their side, to infect them with its poisoned ideology. And, as we see it happening all over the world. The threat from terrorists there for everyone.”

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State Department spokesman assured that the U.S. is ready “to exchange information with allies and partners around the world to prevent such attacks”.

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Yesterday at the opening of the exhibition in Ankara was attacked by Russian Ambassador Andrei Karlov. From the received wounds the diplomat died.

Also yesterday in Berlin a truck with Polish license plates drove to the Christmas fair, held in the city centre. Victims of a collision of a truck into a crowd of steel 12.

December 18, more than 40 military victims of a terrorist attack in the Yemeni city of Aden.