The use of gamma knife in treatment of brain diseases

Использование элемента гамма-нож в лечении заболеваний головного мозга

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Saying that Acibadem hospital is equipped with the most advanced technology; Professor Koray Ozduman, specialist in neurosurgery at the hospital Acıbadem Altunizade, gives the following information about the treatment process of Gamma knife “Gamma knife has been designed and developed for the treatment of intracranial diseases and is used to treat disorders in the brain and in the bones, blood vessels and other tissues surrounding the brain. Treatment of disorders in other parts of the body require the use of various technologies. In addition to the fact that it is used usually as the primary method of treatment of malignant brain tumors, such as metastatic cancer, the application of gamma knife is also used in the treatment of benign brain tumors, arteriovenous malformations (AVM), functional disorders and intraocular tumors.


• No need for open surgery in many cases of brain tumors.

• Side effects after the procedure are reduced.

• Eliminated the need for General anaesthesia.

• Patients can return home the same day of the treatment.

• The recovery period is missing.

• The procedure does not form any wounds on his head.

• Hair is not astrosaurs, and no hair loss.

• Benefits increase, and the discomfort is reduced.

• The amount of radiation exposure that healthy brain tissue is minimized.


Application of the stereotactic frame: the Leksell stereotactic frame is fixed on the head of the patient to be treated with the highest clarity and millimeter accuracy. For anesthesia local anesthesia is used. In children the procedure is performed, accompanied by the anesthesiologist and, if necessary, under General anesthesia.

Application of the mask: Elemental Gamma knife enables the treatment with a mask instead of a stereotactic frame. This makes it possible to treat parts in a few days. As a consequence, more effectively protected sensitive structures such as optic nerves and brain stem, which can be near the tumor. And also, the mask provides more flexibility in situations where the application frame is impossible or risky.

Visualization of MRI-negative cases: After fixing the framework used imaging system suitable for diagnosis of the patient. Currently, all patients undergo an MRI. The treatment of certain cases without the use of MRI procedures planned by using computed tomography.

Planning dosage: the Development of computer programs used for planning, and the blocking function of the element (Icon) prevents the action of the rays on normal tissues from certain angles.

Introduction beams: After the planning process on the computer, the procedure is performed in the unit of treatment, which is a separate Department. Depending on the size of the tumor and the dosage of irradiation, the treatment lasts from 15 minutes to 1-2 hours.

Tomography gamma knife: For precise and safe treatment, the property of imaging detection of even millimeter movements of the head.

Monitoring the patient during treatment: an Element (Icon) gamma knife monitors the process of treatment using imaging technology and infrared motion tracking. For the most accurate and effective treatment.

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