The user “Illichivsk maslozhirkombinata” said about the attempt of raider capture of the enterprise

In the Odessa region, an attempt of raider capture “Illichivsk oil and fat plant”

As reports a press-enterprise service, this was stated by Natalia Dombrovskaya, Chairman of the Supervisory Board of the company “Olir Resources”, which is the operator makapaniwalang facilities owned by the Illichivsk SWC. According to her, the initiator of the raider attacks has become the SE “Odessa regional Association of sericulture “Oblak”, write “Comments”.

At the briefing one of auctioneers Illichivsk SWC Basil Kalashnik announced that on Friday may 13 at the enterprise there arrived about 50 people typical sports appearance, accompanied by representatives of the state office of public Prosecutor, whose identities were issued by former Prosecutor General Viktor Shokin.

As it turned out, arrived accompanied by the Prosecutor of the Prosecutor General of Ukraine Peter Fitz, having on hands the decision of the Pechersk district court of Kyiv from April 26, 2016, according to which all property “Illichivsk oil and fat plant” must be seized and deposited with the said company “Oblak”.

At the same time, as reported by auctionary oil and fat, Illichivsk SWC is in a state of bankruptcy. His property is in pledge of PJSC “Delta Bank” and the proceeds from its sale will be used to repay debt “Delta” to their depositors. And the proposed “Obltelekom” procedure for the transfer of property of legal entities in the management of third parties is contrary to Ukrainian law, but is frequently used in raider schemes.

According to the Illichivsk auctioneers SWC, about the attempts of Peter Pica to transfer the property IMEC, contrary to bankruptcy, in “operational management” and “for safekeeping” obscure enterprise “OBLAK” was known two months ago, because the Pechersky court of Kiev was already on the premises and has denied petitions of Fiza in March 2016.

Representatives of Ilyichevsk SWC add that they have been unable to find a company “Oblak” at its registration and nothing that “strange” state-owned enterprise nor to the oil and fat industry in General, nor to PJSC “Ilyichevsk MZHK” has not. Moreover, after the death of the previous leader “Oblak” remained without a new Director more than two years, and his fixed-term appointment to March 2016 representatives of Ilyichevsk SWC is also considered as one of stages of preparation for power capture of the enterprise.

“Enterprise “Oblak” allegedly located at the address Odessa str Uspenskaya, 42. But when advocates and lawyers of our company went to the address, it was found that premises whose address is given in the excerpt from the judgment, no: they rented the space there 10 years ago, and now there is 2-3 years, the house is purchased by a private structure. It turns out that GP Oblsel enterprise phantom, but for raider schemes again supposedly launched “in life”, – said in an interview with Natalia Dombrovskaya.