The Venice Commission has supported the establishment of the anticorruption court in Ukraine

Венецианская комиссия поддержала создание антикоррупционного суда в Украине

The VC gave the nod to a new anti-corruption court in Ukraine

The experts of the Venice Commission recognized expedient to create an anti-corruption court as a separate body in Ukraine.

The Venice Commission at its plenary meeting Friday, 6 October, gave an opinion which supported the creation in Ukraine of an anti-corruption court under the law On judicial system and status of judges. This was reported in the Venice Commission.

It is noted that the VC experts criticized several provisions of bill No. 6011 authorship Oksana Syroid, Yegor Sobolev (Self-help), Ivan krulko (Batkivshchyna), Sergey Leshchenko, Svetlana Zalishchuk and Moustapha Nayem (Block Petro Poroshenko). So, the Commission noted that the bill raises doubts about its conformity with the Constitution and politicized the process of appointing judges, which is contrary to the principle of the independence of the judiciary.

Therefore, the experts of the Venice Commission positively assessed the progress in the country’s judicial reform and supported the creation in Ukraine of an anti-corruption court, but taking into account certain recommendations.

They believe that it is necessary to keep the key components of the current project is to create an independent anti-corruption court and the court of appeals, judges of which have excellent reputation and are elected on a competitive basis in a transparent manner. And international organizations that are actively involved in supporting anti-corruption programs in Ukraine should be given a decisive role in the body.

It is noted that the law provides for Ukraine’s transition to a three-tier court system and the establishment of the Higher anti-corruption court as a court of first instance. Also provides that in relation to High anti-corruption court must be passed by a separate law.

We will remind, on the establishment of an independent, professional judicial institutions, which must ensure the fight against corruption, the EU insists.