The Verkhovna Rada Committee on the fight against corruption require to initiate proceedings against the head of the ASPU in the port “South”.

Law enforcement agencies are obliged to initiate a criminal case against the head of the branch office of ASD in the port “South” Maxim Shirokov. About it report “Details” with reference to a member of the Committee of Parliament on anti-corruption Yuriy Derevyanko. According to the publication, “the last two years, the officer found a clear fee for issues at the port, the tenders in the “South” was carried out opaque, victory, as a rule, were given to their companies. As established, work Shirokov was in charge of the MP Countries”.

“This fall Shirokov secured the victory in the tender for the dredging company “Jan de NUL Ukraine”, affiliated with Pharmacom. The price of “Jan de NUL Ukraine” turned out to be 90 million UAH higher than the competition, but Shirokov has been able to make tender conditions in such a way that this fact had no decisive role… to Cancel the tender in fact was only through the intervention of the Prime Minister Volodymyr Groisman”, – writes the edition.

According to Derevyanko, “it is necessary for law enforcement authorities opened a criminal case, at least, for the attempted misappropriation of state property. According to this article they could to investigate this matter and, at least, to this chief can be removed from office”.

The movement “Stop to corruption on transport” concerned that the investigation of the case against Faermark and Shirokov can prevent colleagues of the Deputy from “popular front”.

“In fact, the Administration of seaports is almost entirely controlled from the “popular front”. This is a very difficult situation, because the Minister (Vladimir Omelian – ed), he cannot affect ASD and to stop there corruption schemes. Because they say themselves that are directly subordinate to the “popular front”, and everyone there faermark,” – said the coordinator of the movement Aleksandr Zakharov.

Earlier, the Minister of infrastructure Vladimir Omelian said that what is happening in ASD has crossed all bounds of indecency, opacity and inefficiency. According to him, today the number one task is to change the leadership of ASD.

Yesterday, NAB raided ASD in the apartment Maksim Shirokov, and also in the office of the company “Jan de NUL Ukraine”. Detectives were able to confirm the relationship between the company and a Deputy, Sergei Fairmarket, and also to withdraw the documents testifying levies that were collected from business representatives at the ports.