The Verkhovna Rada has forbidden to consider a presidential law

Верховной Раде запретили рассматривать президентский закон

The ban will be in effect for ten days, during which the NACP will conduct the examination of bills.

The national Agency for prevention of corruption is conducting anti-corruption expertise of draft laws On legal profession and advocacy. Until the test is complete Happy will not be able to work with these documents. On Wednesday, December 5, said a member of the NACP Alexander Seregin, reported Ukrainian news.

He noted that there are two bills, one of which was submitted by President Petro Poroshenko, and the second Deputy Pisarenko.

On the corresponding check was informed the head of the profile Committee.

Seregin said that anti-corruption examination requires no hurry, but it will be done as quickly as possible and submitted to the meeting of NACP.

“The beginning of an examination (…) is grounds for suspension for up to 10 days of the relevant legislative process”, – said Seregin.

He also noted that the anti-corruption expertise of draft legislation on legal profession has been initiated by NACP, but on this occasion also appealed a number of people’s deputies.

Верховной Раде запретили рассматривать президентский закон


We will remind, around the bill On the legal profession, the scandal erupted. The bar Council said the attempt of the presidential Administration “push” the right opinion on the draft law On advocacy and legal practice.

Previously, the bar Council declared the manipulation of the bill and also accused the Association of lawyers of Ukraine, “which does not represent the interests of the legal community”, in lobbying for the adoption of the document by the Verkhovna Rada.


Prior to this, the lawyers launched a flash mob against the President’s bill On the bar.


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