The Verkhovna Rada has started the ninth session of the

Верховная Рада начала девятую сессию

The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine of the beginning of the ninth session of the

In the new session of Parliament in particular will have to consider amendments to the Constitution regarding the Euro-Atlantic vector of Ukraine and the issue of abolition of parliamentary immunity.

Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada Andrew Parubiy on Tuesday, September 4, opened the ninth session.

Then in the session hall sounded the national Anthem. At the time of opening of the registered 375 MPs.

In a sessional hall also came the whole composition of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine headed by Prime Minister Vladimir Groisman.

The head of the Parliament Andrei Parubiy appealed to MPs and guests are Happy from the podium:

“I am sure that in this chamber we will be able to work systematically and responsibly. One of the important issues is the security sector, we must continue to reform in accordance with the standards of NATO Euro-Atlantic choice of Ukraine is a key, so I declare my support for the proposal on fixing it in the Constitution,” he said.

The speaker also recalled that the deputies in the ninth session will have to adopt the budget in 2019, to continue the reform of Parliament and also address a number of issues for the presidential and parliamentary elections. In particular, to form a new CEC and to finalize the Electoral code for the second reading, in October, to begin its consideration in Parliament.

Parubiy called on MPs to end the current session to adopt amendments to the Constitution in the abolition of parliamentary immunity, and to adopt a law on language.

According to the schedule, the ninth session will continue until 25 January 2019.

Earlier it became known that Poroshenko was registered in the Parliament draft amendments to the Constitution regarding the desire of Ukraine’s integration into NATO and the European Union. The text has already been published by Parliament.

And yesterday evening, he explained to Parliament proposals for the Constitution. So, at the meeting with leadership of the Verkhovna Rada and representatives of the parliamentary factions, he announced article of the Constitution, which provides Parliament to make changes.


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