The Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine propose to use chemical castration against pedophiles

Верховной Раде Украины предлагают применять химическую кастрацию против педофилов

To the Parliament submitted the bill No. 6151 “On amendments to some legislative acts of Ukraine concerning responsibility for crimes against sexual freedom and inviolability of a minor (minor)”. Initiator – member of the “Party “Vidrodzhennya” Anton Yatsenko.

The bill proposes to enforce in the prisons of the so-called “chemical castration” for those accused of committing after 18 years of crimes against sexual freedom of a minor or juvenile. It is emphasized that this tool can only be used by the court and subject to the opinion of a forensic medical examination that the person suffers from pedophilia.

The explanatory note provides as an example the successful experience of many countries – from USA to Poland, Russia and Kazakhstan.

“According to the UK, the effect of government programs on granting convicted persons (pedophiles) drugs that suppress libido and sexual activity, reduced the recurrence of sexual crimes from 40% to 5%”, – stated in the message.

In addition, it shows how much money you need to spend on medication for chemical castration – 127 UAH per day for one pedophile in prison (i.e. 3937 UAH per month). It is noted that this price is justified, because we are talking about physical and mental health of minors (potential victims).

News on topic: In Odessa region detained the father-the pedophile, three years, raped his daughter-schoolgirl

We will remind, earlier it was reported about, how the Metropolitan police to catch pedophiles and perverts.

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