The Vinnytsia, Lviv. Where in Ukraine to live well

То Винница, то Львов. Где в Украине жить хорошо

Lviv recognized in the international ranking

Ratings of quality of life in the Ukrainian cities are made regularly. Корреспондент.net collected data of some of them.

The next rating of the most comfortable for life was named the lions. Previously, the ratings have taken out first place in the country, Kharkiv and Vinnitsa.

So, where are all the same Ukrainians to live well?

International rating

Research centre Numbeo has published a rating of cities of the world in terms of life. Forming a list, the authors drew attention to the indicators of safety, health, cost of living, transport infrastructure, ecology, pollution, climatic characteristics, and other qualities that determine the level of life.

From five Ukrainian cities – Lviv, Kyiv, Odessa, Kharkiv and Dnepr – made the list.

The best the researchers called the lions, he took 175 out of 227 participants with the same period in 115,04 points. Kiev took the 192-th position (of 104.46 points), 195 place was Odessa (102,45), and the 196-th – Kharkov (101,86). Dnipro got 202-e a place (94,46).

The winner of the rating was the capital of Australia is Canberra with an index 224,49 of the ball. In the second place the Dutch Eindhoven (215,66), and the third is the capital of the U.S. state of North Carolina Raleigh (215,15).

The top ten also included Adelaide (Australia), Madison (USA), Zurich (Switzerland), Brisbane (Australia), Wellington (New Zealand), Ottawa (Canada), Columbus (USA).

Lviv was noted for its level of security, health and climate. At the same time, the level of purchasing power in the city is low.

Kiev is noted for the climate and cheap cost of living. At the same time, the city’s low purchasing power, expensive relative to incomes, property and polluted air.

At the end of the rating was the Bangladesh capital Dhaka, the largest city of Nigeria – Lagos and the capital of Venezuela – Caracas.

The results of this rating can hardly be very objective because the city was estimated by the locals. To truly compare the two hundreds of towns you need to visit each of them, said in a Radio interview NV Director of the Institute of Alexander Sergienko.

According to him, the list includes the Ukrainian-the city of one million that have the greatest monetary and other resources. At the same time, our country is now actively developing small cities.

“We have a lot of small cities – Zhitomir, for example – where every year and the infrastructure is improving, and comfortable psychological climate, the relationship of people within the city. Citizens are increasingly becoming citizens. This characterization of the townspeople is that they are more democratic, are more prone to tolerance,” – said Sergienko.

What about the winery?

According to the research of Sociological group Rating, a list of the most comfortable cities of Ukraine headed by the winery. Residents were asked to evaluate their small home quality 22 sectors and services.

In particular, Vinnytsia became the leader on the development of the city as a whole. 65% of citizens think that things in the city are going in the right direction.

According to the survey of the site free ads the winery was also voted the most comfortable life in a Ukrainian city. The survey polled 33 thousand Ukrainians. They put the scores (1 to 7) on ten criteria: cleanliness, convenience, transport infrastructure, municipal services, friendliness of residents, cost of living… the Maximum number of points that could dial the same or another city, limited to 70, but the highest score of any settlement is not received.

Closer to the maximum figure approximated Vinnitsa — the city was the best in six categories. It is considered the cleanest in the country, and the citizens — the most responsive. Second place best of luck, according to the Ukrainians, sports and entertainment infrastructure. In third place — Kharkiv. Rounded out the top five Rivne and Lviv.

But among the outsiders of the rating — Zaporozhye with a poor environment and the Dnieper, where the Ukrainians are not satisfied with the shortage of sporting and cultural venues. The third place finish was shared by Zhitomir and Kherson. There are marked problems with environmental, safety and infrastructure.

According to respondents, the worst part the neighbors are in Zhytomyr and Ivano-Frankivsk — they have become one of the most unfriendly and the most polluted cities in the Ukrainians called the Kherson and Nikolaev. However, the best infrastructure for children in Vinnitsa and Kharkov, and the safest recognized Chernivtsi.

At the same time, the city’s place in the ranking does not depend on the average wage in the region. So, for example, Kiev, where traditionally the highest salaries were only on the 9th position, although the average salary in the capital is almost twice higher than in Vinnitsa.

Victory, and Kharkiv

Focus magazine in 2018 called the most comfortable Ukrainian city of Kharkiv. In second place – Vinnitsa, in the third – Kiev . Completing the top five in Lviv and Odessa. In General, the editors evaluated the quality of life in 22 Ukrainian regional centers, with the exception of the occupied Donetsk, Lugansk and Sevastopol and the administrative center of Crimea, Simferopol.

То Винница, то Львов. Где в Украине жить хорошо


Quality of life in cities were evaluated on seven criteria:

Economic situation: the ratio between the average level of official salaries and the cost of the basic consumer basket, the price of buying and renting a one-room apartment of economy class;

The ease of finding work and opportunities for education employment, the number of universities and schools with a high rating;

Assessment of the quality of municipal services by citizens on the basis of the fourth all-Ukrainian municipal survey conducted by the sociological group Rating;

The prospects for doing business on the basis of the rating of investment attractiveness of cities according to the Agency Euro Rating;

Secure accommodation (level of crime according to statistics of the Ministry of interior);

Transport infrastructure: the number of bus and train routes, the number passing through the city highways of international importance;

Ecology: the level of air pollution, quantity of hazardous waste.

The leader of the rating of Kharkov received the highest scores on the evaluation criteria citizens of the activities of the municipality and the transport infrastructure. A high level of satisfaction with the work of local authorities demonstrate Vinnitsa and Ivano-Frankivsk. Kiev received the highest rating for the ratio between the average wage and the cost of a conventional basket of goods, as well as the possibility of job search and education.

Most environmentally friendly city in Ukraine is recognized as a luck, the most safe – Ivano-Frankivsk, and the high investment attractiveness – Poltava.

Negative rating

Kyiv, Kharkiv and Lviv included in this list of the most criminal cities in the world, according to rankings published by the analytical service Numbeo 2018. They took 130-e 139-e and 207 e, respectively.

The most dangerous cities are in Latin America. The most crime – San Pedro Sula in Honduras, followed by Caracas in Venezuela.

More dangerous than the Ukrainian city is Las Vegas (79th place), Rome (82nd), Paris (92). Moscow is on the 144th place.

The safest city has acknowledged Abu Dhabi – 327-e a place.