The volume of cash hryvnias in 23 years has grown almost 130 times

Объем наличных гривен за 23 года вырос почти в 130 раз

The national Bank estimated the volume of cash hryvnia

On this day, 23 years ago Ukraine introduced its own currency. During this time, the volume of cash has increased from 3.1 billion UAH of 393.8 billion.

The volume of cash in circulation since September 2, 1996, when was introduced national currency of Ukraine, until July 2019, increased 127 times. On Monday, 2 September, the press service of the National Bank.

It is noted that the amount of cash increased from 3.1 billion UAH of 393.8 billion. According to the NBU, now in the cash circulation of the country is cash for the total amount of 393.8 billion, including banknotes – 391,3 billion (2.8 billion) and coins – UAH 2.4 billion (13.2 billion pieces).

In NBU reminded that today the modern Ukrainian currency turns 23. Exactly 23 years ago – September 2, 1996, the hryvnia replaced the rubles and became the national currency of Ukraine.

Monetary reform lasted only two weeks – from 2 to 16 September 1996. This period continued the exchange of rubles for the hryvnia (100 000 = 1 hryvnia), and after 16 September 1996 and the hryvnia became the only means of payment on the territory of Ukraine.

At the time of replacement of one currency unit to another the appeal was 338,1 trillion. rubles. As a result of the transition to the hryvnia was withdrawn 97% rubles, and the NBU has introduced in the cash circulation there are the banknotes of hryvnia on the amount of over UAH 3.1 bn.

Earlier, the NBU was called the most popular Ukrainian bill of counterfeiters.

Inadale in August it was reported that Ukraine reduced the monetary base by 2% for the month.

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