The volunteer told the details of the incident with the military who have committed serious crime in the area ATO

Волонтер рассказал подробности инцидента с военным, совершившим тяжкое преступление в зоне АТО

A military APU. Photo from archive

The volunteer Roman Donik in Facebook told the details of the incident with the Ukrainian deserter who, according to the ATO headquarters, has committed a serious crime and defected to the militants.

Donica says that the incident occurred in the 93rd brigade: the deserter killed the platoon commander, and then went to the side of the rebels, while Ukrainian military tried to detain him quickly.

“Wait, when colleagues are away on business, injured from the machine, and then finished off with a knife (not a simple case of a man with a knife to finish), platoon commander. Collected weapons and grenade launchers, sat in the Behe and tried to go to the other side. Immediately reacted, connected mortars, behu repulsed. Separat went to the other side”, – the volunteer tells.

However, he argues that the military was Russian and probably intentionally went to the Mat for committing the crime.

“The defector of 93. Most likely it is for this and went to APU. Purely counterintelligence proschelkal. Came across a red army recruiting office. Himself from Odessa. Russian. If worked fine the military, psychologists and counter-intelligence, would not have lost today, a good man, a platoon,” Donik wrote.

Earlier in the headquarters of ATO has released a short message saying Ukrainian serviceman has committed a serious crime and went to the side of the militants, hoping to avoid punishment.