The war in the Donbass Ukraine has deprived fifth of GDP

Война в Донбассе лишила Украину пятой части ВВП

The destruction of the Donbas

Institute of Economics and peace, Sydney released Global peace index.

Economic losses of Ukraine from the conflict in the Donbas in 2016 amounted to 20.4% of GDP. This is stated in the Global peace index, published by the Institute for Economics and peace in Sydney (Australia).

According to him, the economic cost of violence in the country is equal to 20.4% of GDP, or $66.7 billion on the index of purchasing power.

According to the rating, the most peaceful country recognized by Iceland, on the second place – New Zealand, third in Portugal, fourth – and fifth Austria – Denmark. The least peaceful countries are recognized as Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria.

Ukraine in this rating has occupied 154-e a place, having risen by two points. At the same time Russia occupied 151 place, without changing his position in 2016.

Also Ukraine took 12th place for militarization. Recognized as the most militarized Israel, the second place – Russia, and the third is North Korea.

As reported Корреспондент.netpreviously Ukraine was among the most dangerous countries in the world ranking, which was compiled by experts from the world economic forum (WEF).

In addition, Ukraine has topped the ranking of corrupt countries. This is stated in the study of the auditing company Ernst & Young.

According to the materials: