The war of petitions. Zelensky and electronic protest

Война петиций. Зеленский и электронный протест

E-petition “For the resignation of President Vladimir Zelensky” for three days has collected more than 50 thousand votes.

Any citizen of Ukraine may address the President with the e-petition.

On the website of the President has registered the e-petition “For the resignation of President Vladimir Zelensky”. Necessary for consideration of the 25 thousand signatures it collected in less than two days, there are already more than 50.

Of course, no legal force in petition no. Zelensky have perceived her as a joke. But supporters of the President began to register of the petition on the abolition of this petition.

Please resign

The petition was registered on may 22.

Its author, Maxim armless notes that voting for Zelensky “was a protest”, and in fact the current President has the support of 73% of voters.

“Your personality is very different than unites the majority of Ukrainians. You consolidate the protest, without giving specific promises and political guidelines, but now, after the election and the inauguration, you may not have a specific path. And the first of your statements and actions disappoint your constituents, and you break this temporary situational national consolidation,” reads the petition text.

“Created an unacceptable situation where “the servant of the people” has moral obligations to his people, formed in the election process. Therefore, we, the people of Ukraine, demand your immediate resignation”, – the author of the petition.

What the law says

Consideration of e-petitions is carried out without delay, but no later than 10 working days from the date of publication of information on the beginning of its consideration.

About support or non support of the e-petition publicly declares himself President on the Official Internet representation of the President.

If the President considers appropriate set out in the e-petition proposals that they can be implemented by the President of the relevant decision if it is within his competence.

The Reaction Zelensky

“We regard this petition as a joke, maybe a funny joke. The law provides the cases when the powers of the President and such petitions are not a basis for response by the end of office of the President”, – said the head of the presidential Administration Andriy Bogdan.

According to him, the team Zelensky realize that part of the population does not support it.

“But in any case, we understand that there is a part of the population that is dissatisfied with the actions of the current President and we will try to make this part of the population decreased by their beliefs and so they become our supporters,” – said the head of the AP.

By the way, appeared on the website of the President and the petition for the resignation of Bogdan.

“Bogdan has no right to hold the position of head of the presidential Administration of Ukraine on the basis of the law of Ukraine “About the cleansing power”, – stated in the text of the petition.

While the petition was signed by almost 14 thousand people.


On the website of the President appeared about 10 petitions with a request to cancel the other petition on his resignation. The most popular of them scored more than 10 thousand votes.

“I propose to cancel the petition No. 22 / 053360-EP” For the resignation of President Vladimir Zelensky “, which is organized by the corrupt officials and those corrupt officials is signed,” writes the author of one of the petitions in support of the President.

“Dear Vladimir, we believe that the petition for the resignation of … is a provocation on the part of the “old regime “, – the authors of another similar treatment.

Reaction of social networks

Social networks mostly Ukrainians joke about the battle of the petitions.


But at the same time noted that the popularity of the petition for the resignation Zelensky is a reaction to his first steps as head of state.

“Petition for the resignation of Vladimir Zelensky one day received more than 25 000 votes (as is required for consideration). Well begins. I hope the newly elected will be consistent – he always refers to the importance of the views of the people” – ironically in Facebook by political analyst Olesya Yakhno-bilkivs’ka.

#Petition for otstavku #Selenskogo, daє lachey odne. mi ing Pomona znamo people with the diagnosis “25%” TA “Dyakuyu” 🤣

— Igor Contusion (@IGor9In94) may 23, 2019