The water in the Donbass polluted runoff – a study

Вода на Донбассе загрязнена стоками - исследование

The environmental situation in the Donbas is deteriorating

Most sewage treatment facilities in cities and towns are in poor condition. And sometimes they did not.

Wastewater in the Donbass contaminate not only surface but also groundwater. This is stated in the report about the environmental situation in the Donetsk and Lugansk regions of the Ministry of the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons.

“One of the reasons for poor environmental and sanitary condition of surface and groundwater is a long-term contamination of untreated or inadequately treated wastewater sewage and treatment plants, the efficiency of which is an important factor of ecological and epidemic safety of the population”, – stated in the report.

It is noted that most sewage treatment facilities in cities and towns are in an unsatisfactory sanitary-technical condition, and some localities do not provide a centralized sewage system.

Also, the authors of the report argue that the disposal of domestic wastewater by the soil method, which is “the potential environmental and health risks to the environment and the population.”

“The threats that exist now in the Donbas and related deterioration of water resources are many and varied. This flooding of mines, destruction of protective structures around the so-called hvostova (lakes that store waste water), this harmful substances, in particular mercury, which was used in chemical production. Chemical contamination of water occurs as a result of flow into water bodies with wastewater of various harmful impurities of inorganic and organic origin,” – said the developers of the environmental report.

Earlier it was reported that the Donbas is deteriorating drinking water quality. Of 30 samples showed that the water in the region is “dirty” and “very dirty”.

Earlier in Kiev declared that the Donetsk goes underground. In the region there are about 200 objects that carry risks to the local population in case of destruction.


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