The water in the region has received 80% of the population

Воду на Донбассе получили 80% населения

In the Donetsk region restored the water supply

In three more districts of the region is filling the reserve tanks.

As of this morning, restored centralized water supply population Pokrovsky and Maryino districts and settlements Selidovsky city Council of Donetsk region. Another three districts are filling reserve tanks, according to the SSES.

“As of 7:00 on June 16 to the centralized water supply population connected Pokrovsky, Maryino districts and settlements Selidovsky city Council, representing about 80% of the settlements of the total number of disabled. Dobropolsky, Volnovakha and Alexander areas is filling the reserve tanks,” – said in the message.

According to the information SSES, the 15th of June the water supply was carried out from the reserve reservoirs and wells on schedule. Was organized water supply for the population involving 50 vehicles and 89 people.

Just drove about 490 tons of water (132 tons of drinking and tons of technical 358), since the beginning of the work brought about 2 thousand 290 tons of water (568 tons of drinking and 1 thousand 722 tons of technical).

As reported Корреспондент.neteve was restored to the South Donbass conduit, which a few days not operated due to the shelling from the separatists.

Without the centralized water supply in Donetsk region remained almost 400 thousand people.