The weather man said, when the heat subsides

Синоптик рассказала, когда в Украине спадет жара

Thursday expect rain and thunderstorms

July 28, will start a significant decline in air temperature.

Friday, July 28, in Ukraine is expected a significant reduction in temperature. This was reported by the forecaster Natalia Didenko on his page on the social network Facebook on Wednesday, July 26.

According to her, on Thursday, July 27, in the southern and Eastern regions of Ukraine the temperature will rise to +28…33°C.

For the rest of the country the heat will begin to subside gradually, will be +26…29°C.

The Western part of Ukraine is very cold – where temperatures will rise to a maximum of +20…25°C.

On Thursday in Ukraine there is a chance of rain and thunderstorms. The heat subsides a bit, the expected +27 +29 degrees.

And Friday, July 28, will start even more substantial reduction in air temperature.

We will remind, today weather forecasters warned Ukrainians about the rain and strong wind.