The website of the President of Ukraine has undergone to hacker attack

Сайт президента Украины подвергся хакерской атаке

The website of the President of Ukraine attacked by hackers

In the presidential Administration, the attack linked to the decision of the head of state to block Russian sites in Ukraine.

The Deputy head of the presidential Administration (AP) Dmitry shymkiv said in Facebook about a DDOS attack on the website of the head of state after the publication of the decree regarding the introduction of the NSDC decision on the freezing of some Russian sites.

“15.15 we see the response of Russians to the President’s decree, which mentions the closure of access to Russian social networks. The Internet-site of the President is subjected to organized attack − we see a simulation of transitions and DDOS attacks resources of Yandex and VK, which creates artificial traffic to download and “put” servers are up”, − said schimke.

According to him, IT – specialists up to keep the situation under control, the threat to the Internet-a resource.

DDOS-attack (from the English. Distributed Denial of Service “denial of service”) attack against the website, whose main goal is removing it from the system by filing a large number of false queries. As a result of this attack the server, serving the website, are forced to process an excessive amount of fake requests and the site becomes unavailable for the user.

Earlier, the NSDC Secretary Oleksandr Turchynov Salil that the decree on sanctions to the Russian sites already entered into force and has advised ISPs to begin blocking Russian content.

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