The Westinghouse fuel will be used on two blocks of Zaporizhzhya

Топливо Westinghouse будут использовать еще на двух блоках ЗАЭС

Zaporizhzhya NPP

Ukraine moving away from Russian nuclear fuel.

State nuclear regulatory Inspectorate of Ukraine (SNRIU) has allowed the uploading of nuclear fuel the American company Westinghouse in the active zone of the first and fourth blocks of Zaporizhzhya NPP.

According to the regulator, the approval issued on the basis of the positive results of the state expertise of nuclear and radiation safety of the materials.

“Work on the use of nuclear fuel manufactured by Westinghouse at Ukrainian NPPs are NNEGC Energoatom with a view to diversifying sources of nuclear fuel for Ukrainian NPPs and avoid dependence on a monopoly supplier,” – said in the message.

It is noted that now the nuclear fuel Westinghouse is operated in mixed areas of the units №2 and №3 South-Ukrainian NPP, unit 5 of Zaporizhzhya NPP, is prepared to be downloaded into the unit №3 of Zaporizhzhya NPP.

As reported Корреспондент.netUkraine moving away from Russian nuclear fuel. In the near future the share of us Westinghouseв in Ukraine will be increased to 55%. This was announced by the President Petro Poroshenko during a recent trip to the United States.

Recall that in Russia is very worried about the use of Westinghouse nuclear fuel at Ukrainian NPPs.

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