The whale was taught to repeat the words of the man

Косатку научили повторять слова за человеком

Orca Vicki from French aquarium in the province of Antibes became the first representative of the species able to mimic human speech

Scientists have taught a killer whale to shake hands, count to three and to publish obscene sounds. As stated in a study published in the journal Proceedings of the Royal Society B, 14-year-old female orca named Vicky lives in an aquarium Marineland in France.

Vicki was born in captivity and constantly being drawn to experiments by scientists studying the behavior of killer whales. First, Vicki learned the command “repeat”. Then she learned to mimic the sound of the smacking lips of a squeak and some words in English (hello, bye-bye, one, two).

According to scientists, this is the first known case of a killer whale distinct pronunciation of the words of human speech. Vicki spent from four to 17 attempts to learn a new human word.

On the recording you hear that the orca pronounces words with the blowhole — breathing holes in cetaceans. Whales are one of the few animals that can imitate heard sounds.